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Posted 21 April 2005 - 12:38 PM

Forums Rules -21/4/2005. Please check regularly for updates.

These rules are intended to ensure that the Arttrade Forums remain a relevant
and useful service for the artists and other users of this forum.
By using the Forums you agree to abide by the rules as set out below.

General rules applicable to all Forums:

1. Do not create a hostile environment!
Please be respectful to your fellow members, this is a friendly environment;
we wish to keep it that way so please treat others as you would like to be treated.
This means do not insult other people, their posts or their opinions in any way,
shape or form, which includes via PM. If any issues arise, DO NOT RETALIATE.
Report the offensive post to the Moderators and they will deal with it.
Abuse and aggression will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

2. Keep your language clean and decent!
This includes personal inflammatory language as well as obscenities.
Do not replace letters with symbols or asterisks in order to avoid the censors.

3. No Advertising.
Creating new threads to advertise your own site or someone else’s, whether
Arttrade.net related or not, is not allowed, with the exception of the Forum
"Art for sale and Art Web site reviews", but you must have not less than five
posts before posting!
All such threads will be deleted and will be followed by a warning PM from
Moderators. Postings that are designed with the intention to drive traffic to a
member's site, or affiliated sites will be removed or edited, as the Moderator(s)
feels appropriate.
You ARE allowed to mention YOUR OWN site in your signature.
Please keep signatures to a maximum of four lines, do not include
images or banners, do not include affiliate links in your signatures without
prior permission from the administrator.

4. No Spam. DO NOT spam these boards or other people through PM’s.
We actively encourage any member who receives offensive/unwanted PM’s
from other members to report them to the Moderators. All reports are always
This rule also includes private conversations within the threads – that’s what
the PM system is there for.

5. No short/meaningless/off-topic posts in attempts to increase your
post count, or for any other reason. All posts should consist of five words or more.
Please do a search of the forum before creating a new topic to ensure that there
isn’t a similar one already in existence.
Duplicate topics will be closed down. You will be reminded on the use of the search
facility – continually posting new topics after being made aware of the
search facility will result in an official warning.
If in doubt, contact a Moderator via PM.

6. Do not use chatspeak/netspeak/personal abbreviations in your posts.
It makes posts difficult to read and you must remember that these forums are
open to everyone, including people who may not use English as a first language.
Plus, there is nothing more irritating than seeing a post peppered with
abbreviations that you don’t understand.

7. Please do not double post.
Double posting means posting twice, one right after another in the same thread
in a short time span. Please give people a chance to respond to you. If you double
post by accident, please report the post to Moderators who will delete it for you.

8. Posts related to (pornography, gambling online etc) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

9. You agree not to hold Arttrade.net, or its members, liable for anything
stated within the Forums.

10. Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility
of the poster.

11. Any member who posts another member's url or urls to their site(s),
without the owners prior approval, shall have their membership reviewed.
Please respect the right to others privacy.

12. Each member is allowed one login account.
Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.
Such members will be banned.

Signature Rules

1. Animated signatures are not allowed.

2. Signatures must contain no more than 4 lines of small sized font.

3. Signatures may contain a link to your personal site or sites that may be of
interest to other members. No blatant advertising.

4. Signatures are expected to follow the same rules as posts – they must
not be aggressive or offensive.

If you are unsure if your signature is okay, please contact one of the moderators.
DO NOT create a new topic asking about it. It’s much better to check first than
to risk a warning later.
If your signature does not meet the guidelines and you have not contacted
Moderators about it, then it will be modified and you will be notified by PM.
Constantly posting overlarge or offensive signatures will result in your warning
level being increased.

Avatar Rules

1. Your avatar must be no bigger than 128 pixels by 128 pixels in size.
Larger images will be automatically resized.
Uploaded avatars from your computer must be no larger than 20 KB.
The following file types are allowed: gif,jpeg,jpg,swf,png.

2. Pictures in avatars should not contain any aggressive/offensive images/remarks.

3. Animated avatars are not allowed.

There are three warning levels here. They are only raised as a last resort and
are not imposed lightly. If your level reaches three, your account will be restricted
and you will no longer be able to post.


Above all, please remember that we are all on the same side, joined
by our love of ART.
Respect each other and everyone’s opinions. If someone says something
offensive, report the post using the ‘Report’ button. This will generate an e-mail
to all moderators who will deal with the issue as soon as possible.

The rules are here to make a safe, pleasant and comfortable forum where
everyone is respected and listened to. We really are a very friendly and
approachable bunch who will always do our best to help you out if you’re having
problems. Official warnings are not given lightly and will only be made after
you consistently have had to be reminded to check the rules.

Thanks for reading!
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