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#1 housedoc


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Posted 15 October 2008 - 11:58 AM

:) Hi everyone - just thinking - but I did not put any photos or I don't think I even told most of you that I had an art exhibition in Castalla, in Spain.

Thought you might want to look at some photos I took?

Attached File  Resized1.JPG   72.25KB   2 downloads

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Two bits of bad news though !! I had a friend collect them from the Casa de Cultura where the exhibition was because I had to go to Dublin and when Ken booked the flight for me he didn't realise it was the last day of the exhibition - so unfortunately I was unable to 'supervise'.

Anyway, the largest canvas which is 5ft x 5ft (blooming big one) is damaged - although I am not sure how damaged yet because I have only just got back from Dublin and will not see the damage until tomorrow !! And... he also damaged another one which I know from his wife's explanation that I cannot do anything about it - so I know that one is totally ruined !! She has not said exactly what the damage was on the large one she was going to ask her husband but she never came to me - so I would assume that is probably a 'right off' but obviously hoping it isn't !! Because that one is worth a lot of money :) :) :)


#2 Deco



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Posted 15 October 2008 - 06:00 PM

Hi Denise :)

The paintings look great as they have been arranged, suppose
you made the arrangements :)
The gallery in Castalla seems a nice place and hope the exhibition
went well for you, did you sell anything or anybody contacted you?
Hope you'll make more exhibitions from now on as you are talented
and very productive artist.

I had a bad feeling about your friend collecting your artworks as
I thought he won't wrap or make them save at all :)
Hope the damages are not too bad although if the paintings are damaged
you can not do too much about it :) Will keep my fingers crossed for you
if you can fix them, keep us updated.
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#3 housedoc


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Posted 17 October 2008 - 09:02 AM

:) Hiya Deco - I went over to pick them up yesterday and the damage is not quite as bad as I expected to what Teresa had emailed me! :)

One of them which she said was totally ruined :) - actually is not :) - it was one of my latest ones and I had put some texture on it - well right at the bottom of the canvas - he has actually caught it but it is only a small part which I know can be 'touched up' and sorted out. And... the 5ft x 5ft one - there are two very small black marks on it which can also be 'touched up' - that one is done in oils and I have never varnished that one yet! So I think it will be OK. Although I did imagine that it was really bad too - so when I got there and found the damage I actually sighed a 'bit of relief'! :)

I have had no response or nothing but when Phil went to pick the art up he should have also picked up the leaflets and forms etc I had left with the 'concierge' guy but he didn't - so really I need to collect them too, although it is a pain going over there now that I'm in La Cala. But I think if anyone had been interested they could easily email me cos I had put 'information cards' under each painting!!

Ah well it was an experience but a lot of hard work etc to get it all ready and then paying someone to take them all to the exhibition etc. And... you know what Castalla is like - so perhaps not the right place for the exhibition? A few people have said that I ought to try Alicante - not sure if I will try anymore though?

It is good to hear from Stickmaker isn't it? Hopefully some of the others will post soon :)

Glad you are OK :) :) talk soon :)

Whoops - forgot to say - yes I arranged the artwork :)

#4 Deco



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Posted 17 October 2008 - 04:58 PM

Nice to hear the damages were not so bad :) and can be fixed.
I'm sure you will think of something :)

Castalla is a really small place for exhibition but I think
it's good to start from a small place for your first exhibition.
Who knows you might re-consider your decision and make another one.
Good job on arranging the paintings. :)
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#5 Stickmaker



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Posted 20 October 2008 - 03:57 PM

Hi Denise , Quite a few painting there, think i've seen some of them posted on the forum . Any sales or commissioned work come your way from the exhibition ? My instructor had an exhibition some months ago, i dont think he made many sales if any but i think he made some good contacts perhaps . Regards Stickmaker

#6 housedoc


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Posted 22 October 2008 - 04:34 PM

:) Hi Stickmaker - I surely did put some of these on the forum :) Unfortunately no - but the thing was as well I really should have had an 'open evening' or something which I did consider but with Castalla being a smallish place thought about the cost etc cos I did go to the expense of advertising it in two magazines. And... I didn't know loads of people to invite although most of the ones I do know only come to Spain every few weeks and most of them was in England at the time of me having the exhibition - so didn't think the expense would be that worth it. You know what people are like - most of them would have been just people who go in the Casa de Cultura for other things too etc and they would have thought it would be nice to have a glass of wine and some 'nibbles' or something but I don't think they would have actually spent anything. If you know what I mean.

But... as Deco has said it was an experience for me :) but not sure if I would like to do it again. At least I can understand why Galleries charge quite extortinate prices because it can cost a lot of money even just for advertising, then they have their 'open evenings', cost of invitations, drink, food etc etc !! And... if you don't sell anything or not much you can be out of pocket !!

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